Divine Intervention, or just pure chance

While I was at the Nebraska Fire School, at Grand Island Nebraska, I met Todd Burpo, author of his world best selling book, “Heaven Is For Real”now also a movie,and was fortunate to have a lengthy discussion about his best-selling book. I have shared these points with hundreds of others whom I have met since.


Author Todd Burpo with Tony Moore at Nebraska Fire School

The story outside of the story in the book is equally what seems to be “Divine Intervention?” As I was to find out.

Todd told me that after more than a year of searching for the right boy to take the lead for Colton, in the book, the producers had searched the entire USA for the right candidate. They were down to the last two finalists and had set up the screen tests in Hollywood. Todd gets thousands of emails every day and can’t possibly look at them all. But, he opened one from a mother, from Ohio, who told Todd that her son would make a very good Colton in the up-upcoming movie.
Todd decided to pass on this email to the producers and they told him, that after months and months of searching, they already had the two finalists. Then changing their minds they agreed to bring the boy to Hollywood as it would be a great experience for him.
After seeing the two finalists they knew they did not have the right boy and told Todd they could spend no more time and cost to find the right candidate for the role. One of the assistants, in the studio, told them “You have one other boy who you just brought here a few days ago!” They immediately sent a car for the boy and his mother and when he walked into the studio they were immediately interested to see his screen test.
As a result he was PERFECT! That little boy was Connor Corum who arrived out of nowhere and as an outside chance for the lead part of Colton.
“Divine intervention?” or just pure chance. You decide.

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