Meeting The Blues Legends

My latest interview was with some of the family members of the greatest blues legends of all time:

Seen above Left to Right, top -Toni Spearman, Jackie Wilson’s daughter Brenda Wilson, Muddy Water’s son Joseph Morganfield,Willie Dixon’s granddaughter Tomeko Dixon,Tony Cheesebourough, Willy Dixon with Sam Cooke in the photo.

My interview in November 2016 with all of the above, was to set up a 48 hour non-stop blues festival in March 2017 at the Opera House in Abbeville, SC. The blues festival will be to raise money for under-privileged children and to get them into music school. The interview was truly international with Toni Spearman in Europe, Joseph Morganfield in Chicago and with Brenda Wilson and Billy Davis in Detroit. The interview was fun to do and with such legends of the blues was memorable and unforgettable.

2 thoughts on “Meeting The Blues Legends

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