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I am a professional Author/ghost writer with books One Of A Kind, - "One Of A Kind Making Making Things Happen Edition 3" my autobiography; "He's A Funny Cat Ms. High My 32 Years Singing With James Brown, co authored with singer Martha High; "Sabato The Untold Story" about actor/model/Producer Antonio Sabato Jr. "Liberty Vs Tyranny" co-written with Col. Andy O'Meara (Gen. George C. Patton's Intelligence Officer) plus more as a ghost writer (not named) I've done many things in my working career, mainly in building up businesses in the private sector and with a global Fortune 300 company. I have successfully launched start up businesses in UK and in the USA and sat on a military technical committee where I designed high dexterity and high performance gloves for the US Army. I also designed high dexterity NFPA Certified fire fighting gloves which are now in use in many professional fire departments. My autobiography, "One Of A Kind Making Things Happen Edition 3" is intended to motivate others to succeed as I have done, through stories of my life events, told with humour in overcoming a tough childhood in and out of orphanages and boarding school. I used these experiences to become successful in life and in business, as you can too learning my secrets to success.

Stunning Revelations In This 3rd Edition

One Of A Kind Making Things Happen 3rd edition, is now updated to include Tony’s family missing since his birth after his son James gives him a DNA kit. Events following the DNA search, lead to finding his mother’s family that he never knew existed following lies told to him by a stepfather. He now learns, after a stunning message from a cousin he never knew existed, his mother, who died when Tony was 5 years old, had 7 brothers and 5 sisters, with 45 first cousins that he now has! He meets his “new” old family, in 2018 and revelations now told to Tony, in secret, reveal a shocking truth about his mother, her sister and best friend, and why they left the family soon after Tony Was born leading to a stunning set of events that he had to deal with all his life as an orphan! He also finds his father’s family, following a post Tony makes on Facebook. A phone call from Cyprus, sent to a cousin living in Texas, to tell Tony he has two brothers and one sister along with his birth father who was, not only still living at 92, but all living in the town where Tony Lived all his life yet they never met. But, despite his joy at finding where he came from and who his father’s family is, he is to be kept secret, from members of his father’s family, for reasons he finds it hard to understand.

In this 3rd edition of his autobiography, One Of A Kind Making Things Happen, you will learn his dark family secrets, their stories, reasons why he is not to reveal who he is and why there are family secrets, recently revealed to Tony. He makes decisions, as he always has done, to deal with these new revelations which you will read in this his 3rd edition of his book. The stories of Tony’s life, the famous people including Britain’s royalty whos paths crossed Tony’s, are told with humor, compassion and with truth. His book is a nail biter that will leave agreeing, Tony Moore is truly, “One Of A Kind.”

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My latest venture with our publishing company Briton Publishing LLC. has published many exceptional books please visit our site to see the fascinating books we have published so far.

My interviews for my UK radio show as the US Correspondent can be seen on my YouTube page can all be found here

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My Latest Book Liberty Vs Tyranny

Co-authored with Col. Andy O”Meara a decorated war veteran who was Gen. George C. Patton’s intelligence officer. We look at the catastrophic failures the US foreign policies have caused around the world with the swing from left to right with our ever changing administration. We also look at the internal events from the Kennedy assassination, 911 and the theft of the 2020 election. We ask where do we go from here? If not the US. then who can stop the continual forward momentum of the socialists and communists pushing to force America into becoming a socialist/communist country.

My latest book, Liberty Vs Tyranny with Col. Andy O’Meara

Liberty Vs Tyranny co-authored with Col (Ret) Andy O’Meara, a decorated (Silver Star and Purple Heart) war veteran. Col. O”Meara was also Gen. George C. Patton’s intelligence officer in the Vietnam war. Our book details the continuing damage American foreign policy has caused around the world, by the continual swing from the right to the left and back again. We discuss the catastrophic failures that occurred after Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Iraq and the latest in leaving Afghanistan to the Taliban after a 20-year conflict in Afghanistan. We also look at the internal issues here in the US, from the Kennedy assassination, 911 and the damage Obama did while in office giving Iran $1.7 billion to our enemy Iran to continue developing their nuclear weapons. We show how many US military lives were lost following Obama’s “Rules of Engagement” prohibiting US warfighters from engaging the Taliban. We ask the question, where do we go from here? If not America, then who can stop a growing alliance between China and Russia?

This well researched book is a must read for all who see, as Col. O’Meara and myself have seen, the continual momentum of the communist/socialist party to gradually take over America, ending in the illegal interference and fraud in the 2020 elections.

To learn more here is a link go to our publishing company Briton Publishing LLC.

My Interview with Alexa Servodido

Alexa Servodidio is a licensed Counselor, and has a well-known radio show on Her show covers Healing, Personal Growth, and Psychoeducation, Exploring barriers and strengths of individuals.

The Alexa show airs every Wednesday at 8pm EST on

Alexa Servodidio and I talk about my book One Of A Kind Making Things Happen, and how overcoming all that life can throw at us, doesn’t have to prevent any of us from succeeding. “closing the door” on bad things that have occurred in our past is a technique I have used very successfully and is something that all of us can learn. In learning to do this we can take charge of how our life can be a fulfilling and exciting experience rather than a negative one where we blame the past for not achieving a bright and fulfilling future for ourselves.

My book, One Of A Kind Making Things Happen is available on Amazon if you follow the link to my official author page or you can check out my posts on my Facebook Page , my YouTube interviews, Blogs and contact information.

My interview with award winning Ling Pang

Ling Pang and meInterview Part 1 Interview Part 1

Interview Part 2 Interview Part 2

Ling Pang, an award winning radio show host for Radio Station 103 The Eye  interviewed me about my book “One Of A Kind Making Things Happen” and about the many things I have done both in the UK and in the USA. We also discussed my latest project “Famous Names from Ealing StudiosFamous Names from Ealing Film Studios    now the oldest film studios in the world, founded in 1901. Making Things Happen,

We discuss the new technology of “Augmented Reality” that the University of West London students are undertaking for our project in which as well as the many famous names paving stones, there will be also be animated arrows information and signs with descriptions of each of the famous actors, actresses, producers and directors, that will pop up on your mobile phone or tablet to make the information come alive. The famous names are all who made Ealing Film StudiosEaling Film Studios founded in 1901, one of the most iconic and oldest film studios in the world.

We also discuss the design work I did for the U.S. Army and the U.S. Firefighting community in designing specialised, high dexterity, protective gloves that are now in service in both communities.

Both interviews are on my Facebook page Tony Moore

via Tony Moore Interviews on YouTube Tony Moore Interviews on YouTube

My interviews are with other people who are also “Making Things Happen” These include musicians, First Responders, Singers, Artists, Writers and many more from all walks of life.

I hope these interviews will motivate my readers to follow their examples and do wonderful things with their own lives. One thing is for certain, if you don’t, no one else will do this for you!

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Tony Moore Interviews on YouTube

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All of my interviews are on YouTube which can sometimes be difficult to get to the correct location.

Please use this link for my Radio and TV Interviews  One Of A Kind Making Things Happen

There are 24 interviews in total, so far, with more interviews being added. My subjects show the interesting things that people do from being Blues musicians, business entrepreneurs, Dance studio ownership, Figure Skating, Gourmet cooking, First Responders and others.

My interviews are intended to motivate my viewers and radio show audiences, all over the globe, to consider what they would like to do with their own lives after hearing what others are doing with theirs.