Addiction is not a criminal act!

My next book is about addiction and homelessness, and about a small organisation called Pathway To Recovery. Pathway dedicate their time to getting people off the streets and off their addictions and they now have 90 clients all of whom are recovering with the help of “Pathway.” We will show several stories of success, about individuals who were never born into a life on the streets, but through force of circumstance and either sickness or addiction, or both, became homeless, before coming to Pathway.  In the US, addiction is treated as a criminal act, because the nature of addiction forces, what were once normal and law abiding people, to do criminal activities. Many of us are only 2 paychecks from becoming homeless something to really think about!

In most European countries addiction is seen as the disease that it is and is treated as such. Here in the US, it is not, and most are thrown in jails or in prison, for criminal acts caused as a direct result of addiction.

I have done 2 interviews on this subject for my radio spot on GloTIME Radio in the UK. Dr. Eric Davis, President of Indiana Residents of Pathway 2016.jpgAddiction Counselors well as being owner of  5 facilities “Lifetime Recovery” Interview with Dr. Eric Davis and my interview with Lisa Northcroft Hutchieson and Sandy Jeffers, Operations Director of Pathway To Recovery. via My interview with Lisa Northcross Hutchison and Sandy jeffers of Pathway to Recovery – YouTube

This photo  is of just a few of the 90 residents who are on their own personal road to recovery, at Pathway To Recovery.

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