An Unexpected Meeting with Todd Burpo, Author ‘heaven Is For Real

While I was at Grand Island, Nebraska at the annual Nebraska Fire School,this week, I was introduced to Todd Burpo, author of, ‘Heaven is For Real.’ We talked for over an hour, at the show, and Todd shared with me many things that were not in the book or in the film. I always knew heaven was for real as my own life is proof of that and talking with Todd absolutely re-confirmed my belief.
The entire story is nothing short of incredible, a story of a four year old boy who went to heaven and came back.The book, is a must read! The film was true to life, according to Todd, as close as Hollywood would make it, as he told me. That the movie was made with some ‘movie licence’ to ensure the film captured the feel of the book. Those that know me also know that there are no, ‘accidental meetings’ that we ever have with people who influence our lives, they are all part of the master plan for each of us! This was another meeting that proved this once again. Todd is an amazing person, pastor, firefighter, author and speaker now all over the globe making people very happy with his words of faith.

Tony Close Up.
via Tony Moore | Official Author Website.

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