Tony Moore – Indianapolis USA, New Writing opportunity

I have just been asked to write a short piece of “why Strategic market planning Works”, by Emeritus Professor Malcolm McDonald, author of 46 books.
Malcolm, who was my mentor and teacher at Cranfield College where he taught his MBA curriculum, is writing his next book on Market Planning (his 47th)and would like an excerpt from my book, One Of A Kind Making It Happen, which he read and wrote a very positive review. I wrote about my own experiences in business, in my book, and how I utilized Malcolm’s Market Planning process in several companies I ran, with spectacular results. My piece will be about a company turn around and how I utilized the Market Plan to initiate not only a successful turn around, but also the development of the biggest selling product in our market.
I am honored to be included in Malcolm’s next work.malcolm-mcdonald
v ia Tony Moore – Indianapolis USA, US Correspondent For Glotime Radio, Bachelors In Mech Eng. |

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