My latest book, Liberty Vs Tyranny with Col. Andy O’Meara

Liberty Vs Tyranny co-authored with Col (Ret) Andy O’Meara, a decorated (Silver Star and Purple Heart) war veteran. Col. O”Meara was also Gen. George C. Patton’s intelligence officer in the Vietnam war. Our book details the continuing damage American foreign policy has caused around the world, by the continual swing from the right to the left and back again. We discuss the catastrophic failures that occurred after Vietnam, Korea, Cambodia, Iraq and the latest in leaving Afghanistan to the Taliban after a 20-year conflict in Afghanistan. We also look at the internal issues here in the US, from the Kennedy assassination, 911 and the damage Obama did while in office giving Iran $1.7 billion to our enemy Iran to continue developing their nuclear weapons. We show how many US military lives were lost following Obama’s “Rules of Engagement” prohibiting US warfighters from engaging the Taliban. We ask the question, where do we go from here? If not America, then who can stop a growing alliance between China and Russia?

This well researched book is a must read for all who see, as Col. O’Meara and myself have seen, the continual momentum of the communist/socialist party to gradually take over America, ending in the illegal interference and fraud in the 2020 elections.

To learn more here is a link go to our publishing company Briton Publishing LLC.

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