A Life Lesson

A Life LessonMG Midget Hi resan excerpt from One Of A Kind Making Things Happen

My Aunt, who was my mentor and the stuff an empire was built on, was a lady who at age 75 bought an Old English White MG convertible sports car and not only drove until she was 87, but also did her own oil changes!

She once asked me, while standing in my back garden, one afternoon drinking a cup of tea; Tony Deah (she spoke perfect English), “What is the one thing you will have that will tell you you’ve finally made it in life? I had no idea what her question meant, so I asked her to explain. She explained is it a Rolls Royce, a yacht, A mansion in the country or maybe to become a millionaire?” I had never thought of this question and couldn’t answer her, but I said I would have to think about it and let her know. Three months later as I was mowing my, very typically small lawn in the back garden, of my London semi-detached home, I thought, “what if I had a lawn that was so big I had to have a rider lawn mower to cut my grass!” So I wrote to her and she replied “So Tony deah let me know when you get it.”

Three years later my company moved me on from Brussels to the USA, we were standing on the driveway of our new home in Greenwood Indiana and I gave my wife a small plastic box with three buttons on it. She asked me, “What do I do with this?” I told her it was an automatic garage door opener (we don’t have these in London homes) and when she pressed the button, the garage door opened and sitting in the completely empty garage was a Sears Rider Mower with a yellow Post It from the previous owners saying they hoped we would put it to good use as they had bought a new one for their new home.

What did I learn from this? If you set specific goal for yourself you are more likely to achieve it! From where I was, in my back garden mowing my lawn, my life goal was seemingly impossible when I wrote it down, but the universe moved with me and I achieved it in a way I never thought possible!

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