Ralph and the Guard Dog

Ralph And The Guard Dog Cartoon Ralph & Guard Dog

Another story from my book, ,”One Of A Kind Making Things Happen.”

One night, on our way home, from scouts, we were walking down Trumpers Way and decided to look inside the film props yard. The yard was behind a long sliding steel door that was twelve inches off the ground and slid open and closed along a long steel runner at the top while the bottom of the long steel door hung free.
The yard was halfway down Trumpers Way and was in a very dark part of the lane. We often used to look at all of the neat stuff that was inside. It was an amazing sight, and there were many film props—army trucks, field guns, a helicopter, parts of airplane fuselages, Army Jeeps, etc. It was, of course, a junk yard; but to us, it was a treasure trove of the most cool stuff a twelve-year-old could ever see.
Ian and I decided that we would take a closer look, but our friend Ralph didn’t want to come in with us, so we told him to wait by the sliding steel door and keep a lookout just in case. As Ian bent down to slip under the door and was halfway through into the yard, I started barking like a guard dog as loud as I could, making Ian jump out of his skin. I swear he completely left the ground as he was crawling in on all fours and had half way under the door. He wasn’t amused as he quickly changed direction to crawl backward under the door to get back onto the street.
I burst out laughing to see him so scared. “you idiot! That’s not funny,” he said. “I could have got hurt on that door.” But I was laughing so hard he began laughing as well. As luck would have it, that started off the real guard dog, which we had no idea lived there, in a tirade of really fierce barking at us. We could hear his barking from deep inside the scrap yard. He rounded a corner from behind an aircraft fuselage and was an absolutely huge black German shepherd. He was chained to his dog house by a huge steel chain that we could just see glinting in the moonlight as he ran back and forth, straining at his steel leash.
We both legged it as fast as we could, but when he didn’t come after us, we both slowly walked back and knelt down, peering under the sliding steel door, to see why; and we realized he wasn’t coming as he was still securely chained, or so we thought. So, we started barking back at the dog who was heaving and straining even more at his chain, trying to get to us.
We just stood there laughing and barking back at the huge dog; while Ralph, now scared out of his wits, was shouting at us to stop as he stood some way back along the road nervously looking at us and at the way out up the lane.
After several minutes of the dog barking and us, the bloody brute broke free; and we saw him come running across the yard toward us, getting bigger and bigger as he got closer. The three of us legged it as fast as we could back up Trumpers Way, looking back over our shoulders as we ran.
Now Ian and I were certainly not gentlemen; and we ran as fast as we could, getting past Ralph who was not by any means as good a runner as we were (we had had more practice), he had flat feet that seemed to get in his way. As we passed either side of him, the huge dog was getting far too close for comfort. Just then, we came up next to a large truck that was parked on the side of the road. “Quick!” I shouted to Ian. “Let’s get inside the cab.”
We both leapt up onto the running board and as luck would have it, it wasn’t locked, so we quickly grabbed the door handle and leapt inside, slamming the door behind us.
Once we were safe inside the large truck, we both slowly moved our heads up to the window so that we could sneak a look out of the window to see poor Ralphy ……
To see what happened next you must read my book! One Of A Kind Making Things Happen

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