Help from Nozzer the Cozzer The High Flying Rozzer! (another true story from my book)

(images of Norwell Roberts 1. achieving his Community Action Award, 2. In his”feet on the street” London Metropolitan Police uniform, 3. On the day he was  presented with his Queens Police Medal at Buckingham Palace) 

While I was living in Brussels I had rented my house out to three elderly people, two men and an old woman. After a year of renting my house, I received a call from Harrow Police Station asking if I was heading back to Harrow, where my house was, I answered, “Should I be?” They said they had something to talk to me about so I headed back to London, a five hour journey across the English Channel by Hovercraft and drove to London. On arrival I went immediately to Harrow Road Police Station where I began to be questioned about my tenants. Apparently they were master criminals and had been involved in various credit card scams. They were now using my home as their base address where they obtained credit cards bought loads of goods that they could sell then as soon as the time was right they would move on. 

In English law I cannot remove them without a court order which could take years. I asked the cops if they knew Norwell (Noz ) Roberts. They stopped questioning me and said, “So you know Noz?” I told them to call him, to for themselves, and they did! The immediate reaction was comical, as, suddenly they were treating me with respect saying Noz was on his way. When he arrived, and saw me in the station,it was as old friends greeting each other and he told them in no uncertain words, ” Tony is a very good friend and is not who you should be looking at” they apologized and Noz and I met later in his favorite pub to discuss the case. I told him my tenants would be difficult to remove and since the police did not yet have a cast iron case, we were in trouble. Noz said, “Leave it to me, and I’ll meet me at your address tomorrow at 5.30 pm.”
We met the following day outside my house, in Harrow, West London, and Noz told me, “OK knock on the front door and stand to the side.” I should tell you, Noz is built like a Line Backer over 6’4″ tall and a very big man! I did as I was told and Noz stood in the doorway. When they opened the door a little, they saw him, a huge black man standing in the doorway, and blocking the entire door frame. They quickly tried to close the door but Noz had his big foot planted firmly in the way preventing them from closing the door. He showed his police Warrant ID and told them who he was. 

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