Closing The Door

Tony Cropped 2Its very difficult sometimes to put bad things behind us, things in our past, and sometimes the damage done seems to stay with us like a big black hole we have to tiptoe around. Even a word, a sound, a sight or even a smell can trigger the bad feelings all over again and ruin our present and future time.

But, it is possible for each of us to decide to “close the door” and to move on. That involves forgiveness of those who did bad things to us and to refuse to allow these things to stop us from moving forward to lead a fulfilling and very enjoyable life. My book One Of A Kind Making Things Happen is about just that! To be able to move on and have an incredible life, we must learn to close the door in our mind to move forward.

 I try to explain in my book how allowing the door to be closed is a very healthy thing to do and in my case I not only did this but as a result, I have been blessed to do the most incredible things one person could ever accomplish. So you see, anything is possible.

Read my book and see for yourself! available on Amazon

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