My interviews with the greatest of the Blues legends

Tony Moore | Official Author Website

Interview with the greatest Blues legends Part 2

My interviews with the greatest of the Blues legends

My interviews with these legends of the blues took place in Indianapolis in November 2016. With me were Muddy Waters on Joseph Morganfield, Willie Dixon’s daughter Tomeko Dixon, Jackie Wilson’s daughter Brenda Wilson, Billy Davis, Toni Spearman and Tony Cheesebourough. I was in Indianapolis with Tony Cheesebourough, while my guests were on line with me in Germany, Detroit and Chicago!

Sometimes in life something we do just, “clicks” and this was one of those times. Our interview was something than none of us had ever done altogether and it “Clicked” What you don’t know is that I had to edit out more than 4 minutes of laughter…..very cool!


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